Special Education Services & Training

Bayshore Preparatory Charter School is a member of the El Dorado County Office of Education Charter SELPA.

The El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE) has joined with several charter schools in order to effectively and efficiently support the implementation of appropriate and compliant special education services in charter schools.

EDCOE Charter SELPA website

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

El Dorado County Charter SELPA’s Community Advisory Committee is a legally mandated group formed to advise local governing bodies about issues which affect children in special education.

The CAC meetings are composed of quarterly business meetings and presentations on topics of interest to families of special needs children. The presentations are provided free of charge.

What is the function of the CAC?
  • Provide parent education through topical presentations and informational meetings.
  • Provide an opportunity to learn and share with other parents who have similar experiences.
  • Enrich advocacy skills.
  • Build communication between schools, parents, and related agencies.
  • Promote community awareness.
  • Advise El Dorado County Charter SELPA LEAs regarding the development, amendment, and review of the local plan for special education.

Who should attend?

Parents, family members, educators, agency representatives, and others who are interested in supporting children with special needs are invited to attend the CAC meetings.

Bayshore Preparatory Charter School Parent Representative: Mari Ogwaro, mogwaro@gmail.com