Why Bayshore

Current students and recent graduates have shared with us why they chose or continue to choose Bayshore.

Question: Why did you decide to come to Bayshore?

“The reason I had originally gone to Bayshore was to be able to remain in contact with my friends. Since I was a very shy person, it was hard to make friends and actually keep them. They were my only true friends at that time and the only people I could talk to.
Another reason I had decided to go to Bayshore was because I wanted to see what it was like to go to a smaller school where there were less students. Everyone there was more approachable and kind to each other. It made me want to interact with everyone there, get to know people on a more personal level. It was a social experiment, in a way.
After I moved to ______ High School, I realized how different things were. Bayshore allowed me more time to do things that other schools didn’t. It allowed me to do homework on my own time. It showed me how to be a better person, where my weaknesses are and how to fix that, and self-control.
Most importantly, I chose Bayshore because it is a fun place to be. The teachers are incredible. They listen to you and help in any way they can. Bayshore makes learning a better experience than any school could possibly make it. Every time I walk into Bayshore everything there just feels right.” ~12th grade student

“I decided to come to Bayshore because, in regular high school, I didn’t feel like I was learning everything they were teaching me…there are so many students in each class that when you need help with something, you don’t always get the help you need.” ~10th grade student

“I decided to come to Bayshore because I wanted to have a more independent school process. I also wanted to have smaller classrooms (class sizes) where I can get individual help on my classes.” ~9th grade student

“I decided to go to Bayshore because I really liked how the teachers teach…how they help you when you need it the most. I also liked that they have more time for you than in regular high schools.” ~10th grade student

“…Bayshore is a very good school because you get more time speaking with the teachers…one on one.” ~9th grade student

“I came to Bayshore because it is a great school…seems like a good learning experience to me.” ~10th grade student

“The reason I enrolled in Bayshore Preparatory Charter School is because I was unhappy with the way things worked at public high school. The large quantity of students bothered me, and the strict schedule and overall manner of the school was difficult to handle. On top of that, I did not have much of a chance to get one-on-one help with the things I had questions on, and I could not learn at my own pace. The public school seemed to have its priorities all wrong. They were more focused on cramming my head with information that I can just spit out on a state test and forget it later. So I decided to switch schools and find a school that fit my needs and learning style a bit better. When I found out about Bayshore’s blended learning, I thought that it would be a great solution….I am very pleased with Bayshore.” ~10th grade student

We also received a letter from a recent graduate, that reads in part:

“…It is truly a joy to come to school and be greeted by the friendly faces of you and your staff. Your school has been a truly helpful learning alternative for me, and I feel immensely lucky to have been able to spend the majority of my high school years here. …and thanks to you, I can attend the greatest university ever!” -A 2014 Graduate

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